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COVID-19 Protocol at Goliaths

The management has worked with AHS to come up with a plan that is safe and responsible to our customers and staff as possible.
Keeping this in mind, we also need you as customers to adhere with the policies to ensure everyone’s safety and keep Goliath’s open.

When checking in please keep your social distance from others. All customers must wear a face mask. Every customer will be asked the pre-screening questions prior to checking in.
We will limit our facility to a maximum of 50 people per day.

All customers must present photo identification to check in.

If your membership has expired you will receive a complimentary 6 month membership.
If your membership is still valid, we will note that when your membership expires you will also get the complimentary 6 month membership.

Customers will need to provide their first name only and phone number when checking in for contact tracing as per AHS. We will record the date you checked in.

Upon check out you will not be allowed back in Goliath’s for a 2 week period, which will be recorded on this register and the computer. The daily list of visitors will be kept for 2 weeks and then destroyed.

Persons who are intoxicated will be not be allowed to check in.

Rental of rooms/lockers will be for 8 hours; there is no 2 hour option. NO RENEWALS

You will not be allowed to change rooms or upgrade.

Now that you are check-in please follow these rules:

Directional arrows are in place in hallways where possible.

The hot tub is limited to 1 person; the steam room is limited to 2 people.

The main shower area to 2 people at a time, the single person shower near the hot tub will be dedicated to showering prior to entering the hot tub.
The TV lounge areas will be limited to 2 people.

All customers and staff must wear a mask when in the common areas and hallways, excluding the showers, steam room and hot tub.
Hand sanitizer dispensers are available in every hallway and common area.

Rooms and lockers will only be used once per day and will not be rented out until the following day after a thorough cleaning and disinfecting.

In/Out Privileges: There are NO in/out privileges.

We will allow smokers to go out for a quick smoke twice during an 8 hour stay.

You are not allowed to enter Texas Lounge at this time, if you do you will not be allowed back in, you will be checked out.

Checking Out Procedure:

When you check out. If you have a locker, leave your lock locked on the locker you used and bring your towel and key to the attendant up front.

If you have a room, close your door to your room and bring your towel and key to the attendant up front.

There you will be checked out, your time will be entered on the daily visit list, recorded on the computer. Remember you will not be allowed back in Goliath’s for 2 weeks.

Thank you,